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Page history last edited by Mrs. Durff 16 years, 6 months ago

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rjacklin said

at 9:45 pm on Mar 28, 2007

I so loved this video!!

Sorry I never did get a chance to thank you for all the work you did with the collaborative wiki! I'll be anxious to see how your classes wikis come out with the class from Malaysia (is that right?)

My mother-in-law did pass-away two weeks ago, so it was a real blessing that you were able to keep the project going in the midst of my family dealing with that! Thanks!!

I still have the notifications set on your wiki, so I get to see all the cool edits you make to the durffstudyskills page.

Keep up the great work!!!
Talk to you soon,

Mrs. Durff said

at 5:58 am on Mar 29, 2007

I am so sorry, Rob! Our class prayed about your family situation. Their hearts are so kind. The 1001 tales project pretty much fell flat on its face. AB, of course, excelled (her dad is the principal). AH did good. Everyone else didn't. One lady's parent did not allow her to do the assigned work, despite over 6 hours in our computer lab. It was awful! I hope it is just a phase 7th graders here go through...they didn't at SSVC...............

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