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Videoconference Guidelines

Page history last edited by Mrs. Durff 16 years, 1 month ago

Skype/Video Conferencing Tips


Some tips and tricks picked up along the way...

(If you’ve got some to share with us ……. please do!)

Before the skyping/conferencing

* Practice speaking slowly and clearly

* Think about what you are going to say

* If your topic is prearranged - have a list of the students names on the board

* Organise your class so everyone knows after whom they speak

* Place a “speaker chair” in front of the webcam/camera

During the skyping/conferencing


* Don’t have your speakers too loud

* Encourage your students to say their first names when they begin

* One class asks a question, the other class answers then asks their question etc

Other helpful tips


* Designate a student-leader to run the video conference

* One person speaks at a time into the desktop mic.

* Prearrange a student to say, "Thank you for talking with us today!"

* If possible the student-leader should test the equipment ahead of time

After the conference

* Follow-up with blogging about the experience on your blog

* Follow-up by reading and commenting on their blogs



Unfinished credits to http://room18tis.edublogs.org/skypevideo-conferencing-tips/ but time now to go to school...........

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