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The Future of Work (9-5)

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Using any of these sites

    * Web 2.0 Kids Have Stiff Work Demands

    *The Future of Work: Accelerating Change 

    * A Look Backward at the Future of Work (slideshow)

    * The End of Work as We Know It

    * The Changing Work Equation

    * The Wiki Workplace

    * The Way We'll Work

    * Occupational Outlook Handbook

    * Schools to Careers

    *United States Department of Labor

    *Bureau of Labor Statistics


Find out the current US unemployment rate & the average cost of living. Then find out the projected rates for the year 2015 (the year you graduate). Write this information in a post on your blog.  Please remember that major corporations, like 3M, IBM, & Xerox are now requiring their employees to maintain blogs. This project should take you more than one class period if you do quality work. It may take all week. It will be graded on Friday at 3:20pm (after your Study Hall).

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