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Serious Writers are Read

Page history last edited by Mrs. Durff 16 years, 10 months ago

How to get other people to take your writing seriously and read what you write:

  • Be concise
    • Paragraphs - use 'em
    • Five paragraphs max
    • Say what you are going to say, say it, then say what you have said
  • Images
    • Include an eye-catching thematic pic when you can
  • Include hyperlinks
    • plain URLs waste people's time (no dead links - stink like fish)
    • hyperlinks support your writing
  • Cite sources
    • use APA format to reference sources at the end of your post
  • Technorati Tags
    • Use at least three tags
    • Spaces in a tag make two tags - no spaces
    • Use the tag generator
    • Don't forget to ping
  • Check the deep web for information on your topic
    • SIRs
  • Academic writing is not letter writing
    • No closing or signature
    • Pronouns agree
    • Verbs agree

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