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Worksheet Twenty: Research Fact Sheet

Name: _________________________________________________Date: ____________________

Research subject: ________________________________________________________________

Perform a Keyword Search to find an article relating to your research subject.

1. Write the Keyword Search words and chose a logical operator to use in finding the article.

First word: __________________________________________________________________________________

AND OR NOT _____________________________________________________________________________

AND OR NOT _____________________________________________________________________________

2. Article title: _________________________________________________________________________________

3. Read the article. List three facts you learned about your research subject. Write complete sentences.


4. Bibliography:

Select the Summary and Source icon for the article you read. Write the source information in Modern Language

Association (MLA) works cited format. _______________________________________________________________

Riddle, Tohby. “The Great Auk.” Blast Off April 2003: 95. SIRS Discoverer. SIRS Discoverer on the Web. Silver

Lakes Middle School Library, North Lauderdale, FL. 10 June 2003 <http://www.sirs.com>.





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