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Horizon Project

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Metacognition is a valuable exercise and skill. My peer reviewers will be answering the following and as follow-up to taking Cornell notes while watching Karl's Keynote.

Write a 5 paragraph essay on answering any of these questions:

How should students be prepared for a world that no one can envision?

What does a 21st Century education look like?

What is the best way to predict the future?

The 5 aspects of participation in international, collaborative projects (from the Elluminate and Dr. Shepherd via Vicki) seemed to be:

1. Ethnocentricity - Does the cultural understanding of

students broaden?

2. Critical Thinking - Do students become more intuitive in

terms of their abilities to explore the issues and the

strategies that they used?

3. Ethics - Plagiarism, paraphrasing - improving their

thoughts on it.

4. Collaboration - Strengths & weaknesses and the skills

used in collaborating online.

5. Problem solving - Improved product;developed ideas;

facilitated process

So I reworded them here:

As a result of completing The Horizon Project:

1. How has your cultural understanding broadened?

2. How have your critical thinking strategies come into


3. How has your ability to paraphrase changed?

4. How has your dependance upon plagiarised materials


5. In what ways have your skills of online collaboration


6. How has your final product quality changed as a result of

collaborating in this project?

Paul Fairbrother suggested this revision:

1. Has your intercultural understanding increased as a result of participation in the project?

2. Have your critical thinking strategies changed during the project?

3. Has your appreciation of the importance of academic honesty changed as a result of this project?

4. In what ways have your online collaboration skills strengthened?

5. How has the quality of your final product changed as a result of collaborating in this project?


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