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80-20 Principle

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Focusing on 20 percent produces 80 percent of your results

Or how to study

80/20 thinking, applied to your daily life, can help you change behavior and concentrate on the most important 20%. Action resulting from 80/20 thinking should lead you to achieve much more with much less. To engage in 80/20 thinking, you must constantly ask yourself: what is the 20% that is leading to 80%? Never assume that you automatically know what the answer is, but take some time to think creatively about it. "For every ounce of insight generated quantitatively, there must be many pounds of insight arrived at intuitively and impressionistically."


The 80-20 Principle was "discovered" more than a century ago by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who found that patterns of wealth and income in 19th century England followed a constant mathematical relationship: 20 percent of the people enjoyed 80 percent of the wealth.


The 80-20 principle highlights the fact that a few forces in life have an influence way beyond their size. By recognizing such key forces, and leveraging them, entrepreneurs and businesses can make significant gains. The balance won't always conform exactly to the 80:20 relationship - although a surprising number match or come close to that pattern.


I think these people are missing the obvious point. It is so obvious that it screams for recognition: we serve a mighty God! Think about our paltry efforts at prayer and what God can accomplish with that! It is the perfect illustration of the 80-20 Principle!


Read Mark 4:30-33. This is the parable of the mustard seed, or how the 80/20 principle works in our lives because of His Grace.

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